TinderBox provided a single solution for creating, delivering, managing and tracking sales documents. As the company developed over the years, it became clear that TinderBox needed to reposition itself to better address the needs of its clients. The leaders of the company approached the team at Studio Science to re-envision the TinderBox brand.

Clandestein played a prominent role in crafting the new identity of TinderBox, now called Octiv. Clandestein was responsible for creating the new logo and visual language of the renewed brand. After many rounds of design, a new logo was born, inspired by the sound waves produced by a perfect octave while simultaneously creating an abstract arrow pointing northwest.

With the logo in place, Clandestein moved on to creating the visual language of the brand and its translation to web. Using the logo as a basis, the bar system was established to represent how harmoniously the Octiv product integrates into its customers’ workflow.